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What I mean by planning is a focused time during which we will go through the brief and set out the project, including costs and time frame.  Imagine people discussing things around tables. Oh, and whiteboards — we love those.

This will include the frame work and structure of the site. The Visual design might come first during the process.

Visual Design

The visual design of the site would mostly depend on what was required in the original brief. And We will allways give you a few options on look and feel.


Once the look and feel has been agreed upon we will then enter production phase. This includes adding content, stock images or images the client provides. In Other words…. We complete the site for first viewing for our client.

Feedback! (a.k.a. Quality Assurance)

The feedback phase — also known as Quality Assurance (Q.A.) or the “tweaks” phase, in this phase the client reviews the site and make final requests on tweaks, and graphical changes.


Launching a website, or going live ! After that? Beers. Or whatever form of celebration you see fit. Cake is also nice.

After that, well, it’s really just the beginning. Now the public will start using your site, which tends to change everything 😉